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Warm Soup For Soul Soup Cooking Tips And Facts

November 20, 2018 | soups | No Comments

Soup is one of the soothing foods with lots of health benefits. It is broth steeped in rich flavors, voluptuously smooth and creamy in texture filled with chunks of vegetables and meat to accompany. Though it is served a one of the starter dishes in several courses, intended to sharpen the appetite, it can also be one of the many dishes served at the same time or it can be enjoyed as a hearty meal in a bowl. There are numerous recipes of soup enjoyed all over the world, differing tastes according to the culture and communities. To name a few, dumpling soup, diet soup, noodle soup, vegetarian soup, bean soup, chicken soup, fish and sea food soups, and many other to join the list. I often watch food shows on my ATT Digital TV to know more about the style and variation of cooking soup. These delicious soups are usually slow cooked allowing all the flavors to accumulate and the bottom line is it is a slow cooked broth thin enough to be sipped. Best soups are made with fresh ingredients and homemade stock and could be made with almost anything available on the kitchen rack.

Soup is an important factor of diet in many cultures around the world and is not a new found dish. Probably, soup originated with the history of cooking as it was the easiest to prepare. Studies reveal that the earliest cooked version was made with a combination of peas, lentils and beans for a quick and easy meal. Since then, this staple food has undergone various changes in terms of flavors and cooking methods and has evolved into a mealtime favorite that is everything from quick and easy to sophisticated and elegant. The preparation of soup is obviously a time consuming endeavor but modern style of cooking has introduced a lot of convenient techniques to reduce the time in kitchen. This humble food can be prepared with almost any type of ingredients available in the house and nothing matches a bowl of hot nourishing soup to warm up the soul. Soup incorporates umpteen flavors and textures to suit the occasion and satisfy those comfort seeking taste buds with no age barrier. Fresh ingredients or canned and frozen elements can be blended in a soup recipe to help recondition the palate between meal courses or after consumption of alcoholic beverages. This comfort food is cherished from generations creating a huge popularity in several courses of meal.

Soups can be distinguished as clear soups and thick soups and the credit of this classification is accorded by specific cultural cuisine on the basis involved in the theme and variation of this creation. Whatever the classification be, the basic rule is the same and once the fundamental technique is mastered you can use this technique to create derivative soups making your own innovations, variations and additions. An important factor to remember is that each and every culture has its own way of dishing out soups and it is an advantage to know about many varieties to become a connoisseur. Clear or broth based soups are made using ingredients like meats, poultry, seafood, legumes, vegetables, herbs and spices in water or stock to make a thin broth. It is simmered away for a long time to bring all the flavors together and then garnished with herbs, more spices or pastas and noodles and many other ways at the individual choices to turn it into a hearty dish. In the other version of soup, the liquid is thickened by the addition of flour, cream, or egg, or by the action of pureeing the simmered contents. Ultimately, soups with distinct flavors and seasonings to enhance the taste are savored by everyone.