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Drinking soup before meals contributes to the dilution and mixing of food, so it has the benefit of the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption of food, reducing the stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract and reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal cancer. “Soup before meals is better than medicine”, as for these words, there is a scientific reason. This is because, from the mouth, throat, esophagus into the stomach, as if a channel is the only way to food. Before eating, to drink a few mouthfuls of soup or into a little water is equal to add the lubricant to this gastrointestinal points, so that food can be smoothly swallowed to prevent hard, dry food to stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, protecting the digestive tract, and reduce the incidence of digestive tract tumors.

During the meal, half-way from time to time drink the soup is also useful. Because it helps to dilution and mixing of food, it is helpful to the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption of food. If you do not drink soup before eating, or do not drink water in a meal, after a meal due to the secretion of gastric juice excessive loss of body fluids and produce thirst, then drink plenty of water, it will dilute the gastric juice, affecting the absorption and digestion of food. Therefore, nutritionists believe that to develop the habit before meals to eat continuously into the point of the soup, you can also reduce the incidence of esophagitis, gastritis, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer. They also found that those people who often drink the soup, milk and soy milk, digestive tract is also the most easy to maintain a healthy state.

If you soak cooked rice or hard bun into soup to eat, it is different. Because we chew food, not only to chew food, easy to swallow, more importantly is by the saliva to make the food moist and saliva comes from the constant chewing, there are a lot of digestive enzymes in saliva, and help digestion and absorption and detoxification physiological functions, which is very useful for health. But rice with soup is soft and easy to swallow, people are often too lazy to chew without saliva digestion process and quickly swallowing the food, which increase the burden of his stomach. One day, it is easy to cause stomach and even the onset of gastric cancer. Therefore, we should not eat rice served in soup.

Of course, drinking soup before meals is healthy, not to say that drinking the more the better. It should vary from person to person, but also to grasp into the soup time. Moreover, it is better to adhere to the comfort degree of the stomach, do not drink too much before meals.

Seb Rametta And The Original Soupman

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Seb Rametta possses the business acumen, the courage, and the operational skills required to put his ideas into reality. Seb Rametta has vertically-integrated experience in all aspects of the food and restaurant industry, including franchising, marketing, sourcing, manufacturing, restaurant operations, logistics, supply chain and menu development. The success story that started with the Arnie’s Bagels, Inc, a wholesale manufacturer of all-natural premium, par-baked authentic New York bagels is far from being over.

As a highly regarded pioneer and leader in food industry, Seb Rametta has a keen eye for emerging opportunities, trends, and the shifting competitive environment. Thus, having built his wholesale bagel business to national leadership – with customers like McDonald’s, Disney World, Dunkin’ Donuts, Roy Rogers, Friendly’s, A&P Supermarkets, King’s Supermarkets, and other major national chains – Seb and his partners sold the business to Quaker Oats in 1994 at a huge profit.

Next up for Seb Rametta? Recognizing that shifts in health and the QSR market would put pressure on fried foods and open up new opportunities, Seb Rametta and his partner invested in Ranch*1 Group, Inc., an innovative New York City-based grilled-chicken franchise company.

“Ranch*1 had great recipes, great prices, a loyal customer base, a successful system and served fresh, healthful chicken” said Seb Rametta. “It met all our criteria; we wanted to dominate whatever market we entered, and Ranch*1 provided the edge we needed – including a nationally-visible location next door to the David Letterman Show. We teamed up with New York’s number one radio personality, Howard Stern, to promote Ranch*1 on the airwaves.”

Many people whould have stopped after the Ranch*1 success, but not Seb Rametta. Identifying the enormous possibilities in the “Original SoupMan” brand, Seb Rametta entered into an arrangement with Al Yeganeh in 2004, an arrangement which made the present company possible.

Responsible for the executive management of the company, Rametta is involved with day-to-day functions such as operations, sales and distribution. He is also involved with strategic relationships and joint ventures; product development; and customer experience. Seb Rametta’s involvement and commitment to the SoupMan entity from its early developmental phases provides him with pespective, knowledge and expertise which are indispensable for the current and future success of the company.

The company’s activities include ownership and and franchising of Original Soupman restaurants; distribution of a retail line of premium, gourmet “heat-n-serve soups,” and operation of an ecommerce website.

In China, people always cook rice porridge with dried fruits and nuts on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. People with different dietary habits and physical situations should cook the porridge with different materials so as to maintain their bodies healthy.

People who are troubled by diabetes should cook porridge with oat and buckwheat. Patients with diabetes should choose the carbohydrates with low high glycemic index. According to the medical research, the foods like oat and buckwheat contain abundant dietary fibers which can decrease the blood sugar and defer the absorption of glucose. The chromium contained in buckwheat can enhance the insulin. The nuts like peanut containing unsaturated fatty acid can adjust the blood fat. In addition, the patients should not add sugar into the porridge.

People with the cerebrovascular diseases can cook the porridge with the seeds of Job’s tears which can effectively nourish the spleen and remove the internal heat. In addition, ormosia, soybean and mung bean are all good choices for the patients to choose. Ormosia can enrich blood and supplement water for the human body, soybean contains abundant protein, coarse fibers and trace elements and mung bean can decrease the blood pressure. Therefore, the patients can choose these materials according to their dietary habits.

People with the intestinal and gastric diseases should cook dense porridge. Generally speaking, sparse food can cause the excessive secretion of gastric juice and stimulate the intestines and stomach to cause the ache. Therefore, it is necessary for the patients to prevent the sparse food. When people drink the porridge, they can eat bread or steamed roll at the same time.

People with obesity should choose the materials containing abundant dietary fibers. According to the experts, the dietary principle of fat people is to control the intake amount of foods. The medical research has proved that the obesity keeps a close relationship with dietary fibers. Therefore, fat people can choose the materials like oat, mung bean and soybean to cook porridge. What’s more, they should not put sugar into the porridge.

Women who want to beautify the skin can put some black foods like black kerneled rice and black soya bean into the porridge. Generally speaking, black foods can effectively beautify the skin for people. For example, black kerneled rice containing vitamins, zinc and iron can nourish the kidney and improve the eyesight. Black soya bean containing high-quality protein, beta-carotene and vitamin B complex can whiten the human skin and defer the aging.