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Can you really lose 10 pounds in a week without starving yourself and for free too? I’ve done it using the plan I’ll describe in this article and you can too. This is a proven plan that’s simple, sensible, easy to do and cheap. Warning… This is a fad diet. That does not necessarily mean it has no place in a weight loss plan. Here’s what you have to do and why you might want to give it a could find that eating this way is a fairly simple way to get some fast results. Now remember that fast weight loss is not sustainable. Please combine any fast weight loss plan with a long-term lifestyle change so you can keep the weight off. But it’s a plus to drop some weight fast to see some fast progress. What you do is eat just certain foods every day for the seven days. Every day includes only certain foods and just those choices. All the foods are common foods. There is nothing special to buy and no exotic ingredients are is an easy plan since you know each day exactly what you can eat, and remember it only lasts for seven days. Why one day you not only get to eat probably all the bananas you can stand but you get all the milk you can probably handle as well. Then again you can eat probably all the bananas you want another time… Another day you can eat all the vegetables you want. Each day you get different foods to eat. Nothing is special or expensive, but you get fast plan is sensible because you can eat plenty of food so you need not endure starvation feelings. Starving yourself is never a great idea. A basic part of the plan is eating soup to keep you full. Now the soup isn’t a mysterious ingredient. In fact the cabbage soup recipe really does not matter that much and you can use what you like. You can even make up your own if you want. The soup includes cabbage, but that’s not magic either. It’s just that cabbage soup is filling and low in calories so you can stay full and satisfied without taking in a lot of fats or calories.Again, this plan costs just about nothing. Since the foods are likely things you already use, there may be little you need. Certainly one trip to the grocery will be enough to stock up for the week and avoid multiple trips. You really need no expensive books or guides and no supplements or special items of any sort. The plan can be found for free and the food costs no more than what you probably usually spend. It’s simple and inexpensive to ‘s possible to lose 10 pounds in a week with a free plan. I’ve done it and I know it works. The real trick is to combine this fast weight loss with a long-term plan to keep the weight off for good. That’s the tough part. This part though is a start and one that can and will produce weight loss if followed.

It seems like the expansion plans of Sebastian Ramettafor the renowned brand Original SoupMan are already underway. The fact that Original SoupMan opened up its first kiosk on West Coast at Fisherman’s Wharf, is definitely a great start to the expansion plans which intend to take the number of kiosks operating across America and Canada to 1000. Among the dignitaries present at the grand opening ceremony was the great baseball legend Reggie Jackson, who is also a strategic investor in the company.

There had been much speculation about the opening of the first Original SoupMan restaurant in San Francisco, especially after it was announced that the venture would be carried out in collaboration with Lloyd Sugarman and Matt Johnson. The two gentlemen have been associated with the Original SoupMan franchise for some time now and have also been partners in one of the 15 Johnny Rockets restaurants owned by Mr. Sugarman.

The opening of the Original SoupMan restaurant at Fisherman’s Wharf is being considered by many as a significant milestone in the expansion and growth of their favorite national and international soup brand. Given the fact that San Francisco is amongst the top 10 tourists’ destinations, of America, the presence of an Original SoupMan restaurant in the area is surely going to bring in great rewards in terms of a greater number of patrons from diverse nations and cultures.

The latest Original SoupMan restaurant will offer all the lip smacking soups that have become its trademark including Jambalaya, Lobster Bisque, Crab Bisque, Mulligatawny and Chicken Vegetable. Moreover, the patrons will also be able to treat themselves to a deli menu that would include the wide variety of signature sandwiches inspired by New-York gourmet. And since Sebastian Rametta ensures that only fresh meat and soups prepared on a daily basis are served to the guests at Original SoupMan, they can rest assured about having a healthy meal at one of the most reputable soup brand outlets.

A well charred and prepared steak is always heavenly to the diner, whomsoever it has been served to. However, of late, the trend of buying steaks online has become popular – and with it the concern for quality and quantity have been raised one time too many. So unless you are an online butcher in UK yourself, being crystal clear about what wholesale meat you buy online and how you buy it can make a huge difference in the dinner experience you and your friends had been expecting.

Most of us are aware of the fact that wholesale meat is now easily accessible online and can be bought, bargained for and shipped out to your own residence without much fuss. However, not many among us are too sure about the quality of meat available on the web, and cannot provide a real set of pointers to an amateur buyer to locate great steaks or sausages.

Therefore, we have provided some pointers for you to consider before you invest in online butchers in UK –

If you have managed to keep all of these points in hindsight and then gone on to buy meat online, the resultant choice or buy will be worth the money you have invested into the bargain.

Tom Yum Soup Recipe

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Tom Yum soup is a Thai soup that is very tasty for everyone. Tom yum soup is known by mouthwatering hot & sour flavors along with aromatic herbs. The basic soup is made up of aromatic and sweet scented herbs such as lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, & shallots. The strong aroma & distinguishing flavors essence originates from mixing fresh lime juice, fish sauce & crushed chillis prior to serving. Chicken tom yum soup is known as Tom Yum Gai. The soup is often sprinkling topped of chopped coriander leaves.

There are various health benefits of enjoying tom yum soup. The Tom Yum soup is a very popular diet amongst the dieters. Go ahead, and give it a try for yourself, you would notice a big difference in your weight after few weeks of regular consumption of Tom Yum soup frequently, you would lose fat and burn calories much faster as this soup helps in weight loss.

Ingredients: 6 julienned white onions, 8 oz. of ginger root fresh, 6 red bell peppers julienned, 1 stalk celery sliced thin, 2 green chilli peppers well chopped, 2 chopped lemon grass, 1/2 cup oyster sauce, 1 cup of soy sauce, 4 ounces of tom yum soup paste, 14 quarters of chicken broth, 6 pieces of nicely cut 1/2 lbs. skinless boneless chicken breast halves, 1 cup karengo and 1 tsp. of sesame oil. Following is the method for cooking Tom Yum soup

In China, people always cook rice porridge with dried fruits and nuts on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. People with different dietary habits and physical situations should cook the porridge with different materials so as to maintain their bodies healthy.

People who are troubled by diabetes should cook porridge with oat and buckwheat. Patients with diabetes should choose the carbohydrates with low high glycemic index. According to the medical research, the foods like oat and buckwheat contain abundant dietary fibers which can decrease the blood sugar and defer the absorption of glucose. The chromium contained in buckwheat can enhance the insulin. The nuts like peanut containing unsaturated fatty acid can adjust the blood fat. In addition, the patients should not add sugar into the porridge.

People with the cerebrovascular diseases can cook the porridge with the seeds of Job’s tears which can effectively nourish the spleen and remove the internal heat. In addition, ormosia, soybean and mung bean are all good choices for the patients to choose. Ormosia can enrich blood and supplement water for the human body, soybean contains abundant protein, coarse fibers and trace elements and mung bean can decrease the blood pressure. Therefore, the patients can choose these materials according to their dietary habits.

People with the intestinal and gastric diseases should cook dense porridge. Generally speaking, sparse food can cause the excessive secretion of gastric juice and stimulate the intestines and stomach to cause the ache. Therefore, it is necessary for the patients to prevent the sparse food. When people drink the porridge, they can eat bread or steamed roll at the same time.

People with obesity should choose the materials containing abundant dietary fibers. According to the experts, the dietary principle of fat people is to control the intake amount of foods. The medical research has proved that the obesity keeps a close relationship with dietary fibers. Therefore, fat people can choose the materials like oat, mung bean and soybean to cook porridge. What’s more, they should not put sugar into the porridge.

Women who want to beautify the skin can put some black foods like black kerneled rice and black soya bean into the porridge. Generally speaking, black foods can effectively beautify the skin for people. For example, black kerneled rice containing vitamins, zinc and iron can nourish the kidney and improve the eyesight. Black soya bean containing high-quality protein, beta-carotene and vitamin B complex can whiten the human skin and defer the aging.