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The Gourmet Cowboy Attacks Your Hunger

October 20, 2018 | recipes | No Comments

Gourmet Cowboy would seem to be an oxymoron, that is until you take a look at “The Gourmet Cowboy” by Bob Kinford. But then perhaps he is an oxymoron himself. Kinford has been a cowboy’s cowboy for most of his fifty-five years. Until meeting his wife Catie, eight years ago, he has spent most of his adult life working on remote ranches, taking care of cattle and training horses.

Kinford’s newest book, The Gourmet Cowboy (Cowboy style gourmet Cuisine) is a collection of over 90 recipes he has cooked on ranches across the west. Living miles from the nearest paved road, he did not have the convenience of stopping by a restaurant after twelve hours in the saddle so he had to cook for himself. His recipes are simple enough for a new bride, yet have a gourmet flair which would be the envy of any cooking show star. One great example is Smokey Shrimp Bisque:

20 Med shrimp10 cloves garlic1/2 C finely grated Muenster Cheese1 pt cream6 cherry tomatoes3 green onions2T olive oil1 t Fresh finely chopped basil1t fresh, finely chopped Rosemary

Clean and peel shrimp. Peel garlic. Grill garlic and shrimp for 3 minutes (preferably over charcoal,not gas). Cut cherry tomatoes into fourths. Chop green onion into inch long pieces. Saut´┐Ż’ tomatoes, onion, Basil and Rosemary in olive oil over medium heat for three minutes, stirring cream and slowly stir in cheese. Raise heat to medium high. Once cream begins to boil, reduce to a simmer, stirring occasionally until cream begins to thicken. Add shrimp and garlic. Simmerfor 2 minutes.

Serves 4.

You can’t accuse this recipe of being a typical cowboy recipe anymore than you can accuse “The Gourmet Cowboy” of being a typical cowboy can view more recipes from this unique book ath and taking advantage of the Amazon “Search INside” feature.

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